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Attention educators:

Looking for an after-school enrichment program that your kids will LOVE?
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School Assembly Programs that
Entertain, Educate and Motivate!

Dear Fellow Educator, 

Welcome! If we haven't had a chance to meet, I hope to soon. 

One of my passions is presenting educationally significant programs. Don't get me wrong - I love seeing people laugh and be amazed. But I am so blessed to hear teachers say their students remember and use things they learned in the show.

Who wouldn't want their job to and have a positive impact on children? 

(After all, kids have enough negative influences to worry about, don't they?!?)

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Instead of telling you about myself, here's what some of my "Raving Fans" say...

"I've hired Jeff
for the past 4 years..."

"... He comes in and he puts on a great show! He relates to the children so well.

(Mine happen to be special needs.)

When he brings them up front, he never makes them feel like they give the wrong answer. He gets them into it and they laugh and cheer.

They laugh so much, that this year I brought in the parents so they could share in the laughter. It's a wonderful time!

So long as I'm at a school near Jeff, I'll hire him every spring! "

- Lory Humes,
Plain Local Schools

"Jeff's who you need to call!"

"It was great!
Kids were loving it - they were laughing; they were clapping. It was just a very, very special time. He does a great job - really can relate to the children and they can relate to him. It was just fabulous!

If you're ever looking for a magician who can come and minister to your organization and to your kids, Jeff's who you need to call!"

-Lisa Smith, Young World DLC

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If there's anything I can do to make your job easier, please let me know! You can call me at 330-492-7793, fax me at 330-492-7794 or



Jeff Conley
A.K.A. Mister Jeff


Jeff Conley, Professional Magician
"Mister Jeff"
Jeff Conley

Professional Magician


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