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"Learn some of the greatest magic tricks ever!"

When you open your box of "Totally Cool Card Tricks" here's all the tricks you'll find.  . .

Special Deck of Cards #1 - Wizard Cards
  :  with a book of 15 tricks you can do with it.

Special Deck of Cards #2 - Mystery Cards
  :  with a book of 20 tricks you can do with it!!!

Collection - 125 Amazing Card tricks

  : Practically the biggest book of card tricks on the planet. And you can use ANYONE'S deck of cards! your friends won't believe the tricks you'll pull with THEIR cards!

YOU GET EVERYTHING listed above. . . a $27.00 value - for only $15 bucks!!!

It's EASY to get your "truckload of tricks", simply click on the "Add to Cart" button below to order online, or call my office at 330-492-7793.

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