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"Learn some of the greatest magic tricks ever!"

When you open your Deluxe Kid's Magic Set here's all the tricks you'll find.  . .

Crazy Cube - "A Mind-Reading Miracle!"
You'll be able to INSTANTLY tell what number your friend is thinking of. . . 

"My friends laughed when I said I could read their mind, but they were speechless when I told them EXACTLY what they were thinking. . ."

Ball and Vase - "They'll never see it jump!"
It'll seem like you can make anything appear and disappear whenever you want! This little red ball will jump back and forth to your pocket INVISIBLY!!!

Atomic Coins - "Make your own money!" (legally!)
Just when mom & dad thought you were good at making their money disappear. . . You'll be able to make coins appear, disappear or change from one to another. AND - you can do this without even touching the coins!

Multiplying Rabbits - "It's a good thing these weren't on Noah's ark!"
When the rabbits keep appearing, you'll be glad you don't have to feed them! Show your friends Mr. & Mrs. Cottontail - they'll jump from your hand to your friend's hand. And THEN little bunnies will appear from nowhere!

Magic Snapper 
Some people use this as a "smarts" detector - and say you have to be pretty smart to make the snapper work. You can do it EVERY time - but they'll NEVER know how to do it! NOW who's the smart one?

YOU GET ALL the tricks listed above. . . PLUS, PLUS, PLUS. . .

Your very own Official Magic Wand,
the MIRACLE Fortune Telling Fish, and
a coupon for $25.00 off a magic show for your next party. . . 
     (This coupon makes the cost of this set F R E E !!!)

... a $65.00 value - for only $25 bucks!!!
It's EASY to get your "truckload" of magic, simply click on the button below to order online, or call my office at 330-492-7793.

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