Special Consumer Report:
You MUST read this before hiring any entertainer!

"7 Critical Questions
To Ask Before Hiring
Any Entertainer!"

Dear Friend,

If you have children - I urge you to lock the door, take the phone off the hook, kick off your shoes, get comfortable, and STUDY this special report - your child's safety and happiness is at stake!

As a new parent (May 2002), I'm already thinking of all the things I want to do with my child. I want them to have all the opportunities I've had - and more. As my wife and I talk to experienced parents, they share the same feeling - "We want them to have a better life than we've had!"

But even more important, you want them to be safe, don't you? 

When you first decide to have a party for them, there are many questions that come up. One of the last on many peoples' list is, "Should we have some sort of entertainment come - and if so, what?"

I have to tell you . . .  I'm worried ! ! !  

The reason I say that I'm worried, is that if you wait till the last minute to think about and decide this, then you may be putting the safety and happiness of your child AND their guests at risk!!! If you care enough about your child to prepare and know what to ask when calling entertainers, then you can not only rest easy knowing they'll be safe, but you'll be able to enjoy the party yourself! 

(Just WAIT till you find out how EASY putting on a party can be!)

To help put your mind at ease, I've written this special report. In it, I've listed the "7 Critical Questions" to ask before hiring any entertainer.  

A professional entertainer will be able to answer each of these. If when you ask any of these questions you don't receive an immediate affirmative answer,  that is a tell-tale sign that the entertainer you are talking to may not be someone you'd want to invite into your home.

1. We've seen a magic show already - aren't all magicians they all the same?  No way! While many people think that - would you say that all musicians' performances are the same? Nope! Additionally - you need to ask if they specialize. Some entertainers suggest they provide "Magic for All Occasions". Let me ask you something: would a marching band be appropriate for a blues club or a rock concert? HECK NO! You want someone who specializes in entertaining children. TRUST ME - performing for kids is a lot different than performing for adults. Now that DOES NOT suggest adults won't enjoy it - but you want the kids to have a blast, don't you?

2. Do you offer packages to choose from? Almost ALL professional entertainers have more than one package to choose from. Each package will offer different services, benefits and obviously prices. This is a sign that they place your interests and needs before theirs. If you're kitchen pipe was leaking and the plumber said, "I only do bathrooms. I can put a commode in for you" you wouldn't want him to, would you? If all a performer offers is one 'canned' show - take it or leave it - then you're probably not going to be happy

3. Do you dress up as a clown? When we see clowns, we think "kids"! Clowns are supposed to make everyone happy. Unfortunately, many children - even those in elementary school - can be scared of clowns. Now - when you bring a clown into the party - not only is he a stranger - but he's hiding behind makeup! While all the bright colors are supposed to be cheery, they can actually be overwhelming and scary!

4. Are you insured? This is a biggie! This is another sign of a professional. Although nothing should happen - since competent entertainers NEVER place the audience at risk, what if? By asking if they're insured, you can rest assured that they want to make sure you're covered if anything does happen at your party.

5. Can you provide references? Entertainers who are top-notch will be able to provide you with recommendations and comments from other people. They have LOTS of satisfied clients, and they won't 'him or haw' about providing those to you!  

6. Do you offer free gifts for the children? A performer who is interested in more than just 'doing tricks' will have something for the children to take home with them. This may be a small magic book, a magic trick or something which will last so they remember YOUR party. I'm going to go out on a limb here and bring up a touchy subject. Many entertainers provide balloon animals (I did for many years). Although the kids like them, they often pop before getting home. Now your guest is not only unhappy that it popped, but they have nothing to remember the party by. By providing something they can take home and something that will last, your child's guests will be able to remember how much fun they had at your party!

7. When is payment due - and do you take credit cards? If the entertainer is a pro - they'll want YOU to be happy. If that's the case, payment won't be due until the day of the show. You'll find that if they're really in business, and not just doing this on the side, they'll want to make it easy for you! They'll accept cash (with a receipt), checks AND all major credit cards. And if someone claims to be 'cheaper' - they probably are! You'll end up with lower quality for your child. "You get what you pay for" is especially true when it comes to entertainers. Would you rather save a few dollars, or invest a few more and be totally satisfied? I'm no mind reader, but I think I know which your child would prefer! 


Well, there's the 7 Critical Questions to ask - but I feel like I have to throw in just one more question. It's something that should go without saying, so I won't give it a number. 

Do you offer a satisfaction guarantee? Many  performers don't guarantee what they do. Their attitude is, "If you get lousy service, you're stuck with it!" 

I'm guessing the main reason they don't guarantee 
their show is because they're scared!

They don't think they can live up to the guarantee, and they don't want to give your money back. Any entertainer that guarantees his/her performance is a top-notch, quality entertainer, guaranteed! 

Well, I hope this report has helped you see how easy it is to make sure you're hiring a professional. There's a TON of information here, so I would encourage you to re-read it and definitely use it as a guide when calling to hire someone for your child's party.

By asking these questions, the answers you get will help you make an informed intelligent decision. I guess I should point out that if you just want any entertainer with low-quality service - there's a bunch of them.

But if you want a safe, quality entertainer that offers entertainment that is unforgettable, fun and will make your child's party the envy of their friends, guaranteed . . . then I invite you to call me at (330) 492-7793 or 1-800-218-0724 if you're calling outside the Canton area. 

If you prefer, you can request more information right now!

to send me your request. No pressure, I just want to answer any questions you may have.

Here is one last important point. I do give a satisfaction guarantee. If the kids simply tell you they didn't have fun and totally enjoy it, then I'll rip up your check! (If paying by credit card, I promise not to rip it up!) What could be fairer than that?

Thank you for taking the time to read this. It shows me you truly care about your child's safety and happiness. If there's anything I can do to help plan the party, please let me know! I look forward to hearing from you.


Jeff Conley
A.K.A. "Mister Jeff"


If you'd like a totally-free guide to preparing for parties, I have a really cool booklet that I'd be glad to send you. It's called "25 Keys to an EASY Birthday Party" and provides tips that will make not only planning and having, but also the cleanup from the party as easy as possible. to request it, and it'll be on it's way!